LR TOM_4078

Ive been photographing newborns since 2012. I happened to take a couple of photos of our daughter when she was born and as proud parents posted the photos up for family and friends to see our new arrival. Soon after I had enquires of expectant parents looking for photos of their newborn baby when the baby arrives.. and so it all began !

I had an idea in my head of what styling and look I wanted to create and with some vintage backdrops and some props and cute outfits I was half way there. But I was soon to realise that there was more to newborn photography than placing a baby in a basket and taking the photo ! . Every detail leading up to the shoot has to be planned in advance, from the time frame you have to take the photos, to planning the shoot around the baby’s feeds, and prepping the props for as little movement of the baby as possible.

Idealy newborn photography should take place within the first 3 weeks of birth, the earlier the better before baby becomes too alert and starts moving around streching and becomes aware of its surroundings.

Its easier to pose the baby when they are in a deep sleep, so its mostly the plan to shoot straight after the feeds when baby has a full belly and is very sleepy !

Every baby is uniquely different and this is the fun part in newborn photography for me in finding what little quirkes and rituals these littlins have after only 10 or 15 days !

Newborn photography for me is still as rewarding as seeing the first shots I took of my own baby. Its a privilege and honor to be asked to record the first days a baby’s journey on this earth so this is why I continue to capture these precious moments that will remain with the families forever.