Timelapse photography is a series of shots taken over a period of time, each second of video is made up of between 24 to 30 shots and typically I would take between 800 to 1200 shots over the course of an hour or so. Ideally skies play a big part in timelapse as we can capture a sunrise or sunset or fast moving clouds regardless of what the foreground interest my be and this contributes to the finished video. Adding movement to the timelapse adds an extra dimension. I use a timelapse rail and the camera is mounted onto a motorised plate which moves along the rail in predetermined increments after each shot is taken. The movements are very small but consistent and over the course of the timelapse provided the rail has not moved the result should be a smooth movement when all the shots are compressed into a video .

As I mentioned earlier the weather plays a big part in the timelapse. For example If there is very little movement in the skies I would set the controller to take a shot every 4 secs but if there are fast moving clouds it may be necessary to take a shot every 2 secs to reduce the amount of jutter and keep the movement as smooth as possible.

Once i have exposed and composed the scene I would lock all the settings down on the camera, focus,exposure, ISO, and white balance as I don’t want the camera trying to adjust the settings as the scene changes over time. After that it’s just sit back and let Mother Nature do her thing !

Timelapse Through The North East

This is my first series of timelapse videos stitched together showcasing the north East of Ireland.

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