Hi Tommy here ! and welcome to my website. Im a photographer based in Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland.

I was awarded my Licentiateship form the Irish Photography Federation in April ’11 and my Associateship in Sept ’14

I specialise in Newborn Photography and also enjoy landscape & Seascape photography

I got into photography about ’06 When I bought my first DSLR….. a Nikon D80. After using it in ” Auto” for about a year and not getting any substantial shots to justify paying alot of money for the camera in the first place, I decided to see what I could get out of the camera by changing settings and modes on the camera. Self thought through the web I found an endless supply of info about the mode and settings to use  to shoot  for different situations, and then figured out the relationship between Aperature,  Speed and ISO. and that simply pointing camera and pressing the shutter will not produce stunning images, and this is where my real intrest in photography began. Since then I have moved up to a  Nikon D300 and then up to D700 Body and now use a Nikon D800 and have invested in some decent lenses too.

Since I embarked into the world of Newborn Photography and I found that there is something really special in capturing moments frozen in time particularly of a newborn baby, (some only days old ! ) and really enjoy the response of the new parents when I deliver the final images.

My other passion is in landscape & seascape photography  , living along the coast I am surrounded by stunning scenery that is often overlooked when driving by in the car. There is nothing better than heading off early in the morning with the camera before sunrise or late in the evening when the light is low lying casting incredible streams of light across the ground hoping to catch “The Shot”. Sometimes rewarded and sometimes not ! Nevertheless I continue as photography has become an addiction that gets me out and interested in the world around me  !

So that’s all about me ……..

You can contact me at : info@mcdphotography.net or through the “contact” menu on the home page and ill be back in touch with you or if you want to leave a comment below, feel free!

…….  in the meantime have a look at through the site and I hope you enjoy.





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