Newborn photography


Ok….I thought Id give a little insight into my world of newborn photography. I have been taking family portraits for a few years now and thought that after our second daughter was born I wanted to capture some cute newborn shots of her. I tried a few different set ups with results I was happy with, from these initial shots I was beginning to get a few enquiries about doing similar shots for new parents for their new little bundles.
This is an area of photography I really enjoy doing and the results were improving as new ideas were born ( pardon the pun !)
I invested in some backdrops and flooring to add the overall scene and look of what I wanted to create and after sourcing alot of chunky knit hats, a custom made bird nest from Florida, and a set of weighing scales from the early 1900’s, and some other funky props, I’ve been fairly busy at what began as a few shots of our own child.

Safety of the newborn is always first and foremost in my mind, and simple things like extra blankets and padding and keeping the baby warm is always a great help as it calms the baby and if baby is happy it will show in the final shots. Generally one or both of the parents always act as a spotter next to the baby to ensure baby doesn’t get upset or need attention. A baby is familiar with the heartbeat and sound of the parent even at a few days old and it may only take a parents hold for a moment to settle the baby again.

The best time to have to have newborn shots taken is really within the first three weeks of birth. During this stage the newborn tends to be quite sleepy and this is the best opportunity to capture those sleepy baby poses that every parent loves. After week three baby becomes more alert of its surroundings and it can be harder to capture those sleepy posed shots. I generally call to the new parents home as it is a more relaxed atmosphere and less moving for the baby.
I use varied setups depending on how old the child is, all quickly interchangeable for a range of different shots. I use natural light as much as possible and even bring a portable heater to warm the blankets before placing the baby into position, the key is to keep the baby as warm and relaxed as possible .
A newborn session may take between 2 to 3 hrs depending on how baby is getting on, there’s no time limit on a session as baby dictates the pace we go at. I encourage the parents to use baby’s teddy or blanket or keepsakes wherever possible as its these little things that you will look back on in years to come in the images of your little bundle !

TOM_2396 blue landscape